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Investigation Services

We offer a range of investigation and consulting services--all designed to help your company or your customer "find the facts and the truth". Whether you're concerned about a particular individual or systemic issues, we have the expertise to help you resolve these in a professional manner. Our services are available a la carte so you can get precisely what you need.

Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, we have solutions.

Internal Investigations:  Misconduct, benefit abuse, employment fraud, conflict of interest, contract and procurement fraud, misappropriation, malfeasance, sexual harassment, hostile workplace, etc.                          

External Investigations:  Contract fraud, procurement fraud, product substitution, substandard product, due diligence, conflict of interest, vendor screening, etc.

Financial Investigations:  Financial investigations to uncover fraudulent or suspect activities, locate assets, trace proceeds, identify vulnerabilities, assist in recovery efforts,  and, where warranted, determine culpability.

Due Diligence and Corporate/Competitive Intelligence:  In depth review, intelligence and analysis that can go beyond the routine public information searches.

Counterintelligence Investigations:  One of the most complex and sometimes hardest to investigate but necessary as information leaks can be extremely costly, inhibit competition, and be detrimental to the corporate image.  DTI has significant experience and success in these type investigations.

High Level Employee Background/Promotion Investigations:  More than your normal “online” search but a comprehensive review.  Particularly warranted when hiring, promoting, or during a periodic review of senior personnel, those in high risk/opportunity positions or those in independent locations or with minimal headquarters oversight. 

Fraud and Vulnerability Assessments:  Often overlooked.  The best way to counter fraud is to prevent it in the first place and have robust, working systems to detect fraud if prevention fails.  A comprehensive assessment often uncovers lack of controls, inadequate controls or controls not functioning properly.  Assessments can be enterprise wide or focused on specific high risk activities.

Criminal Investigation/Consultation:  Provide a general analysis of the case, the evidence and the police/investigative reports to identify areas of weakness or concern and those areas where additional expertise is warranted.  Saves case time and limited resources by focusing those resources on areas of highest potential.

Undercover Investigations:  Due to the unique requirements undercover operations, these investigations must be properly planned and orchestrated to adequately protect the company, it's employees, and the investigator.  We have significant experience conducting these complex and challenging investigations.   

Forensic Content Analysis:  A specialized technique primarily used on written statements.  Using the well-recognized and lauded technique, cases involving a multitude of suspects can be quickly reduced to a manageable level.

Interviewing and Interview Consultation:  Highly skilled and productive interviews can oftentimes uncover evidence that eludes an investigation or is not available by any other means.  Proper interviewing techniques are non-confrontational, minimizing workplace disruptions, yet effective at identifying evidence, issues, and responsibilities.  Proper interviewing techniques are effective on witnesses, suspects and subjects alike. 

Case Consultation:  Case and evidence analysis, case strategy development, case presentation, case organization, report writing, etc.

Training Services

Investigative Training:  Investigator training includes training for new investigators in proper techniques, tradecraft and sources of information.  Advanced training is also available in specialized skills such as using digital information sources, interviewing skills, finding often overlooked information, and honing observational skills.  Specifically tailored courses can also be provided.

Fraud Awareness Training:  Fraud awareness training is an essential part of any fraud prevention and detection program.  Simplified yet effective awareness training has been developed for enterprise wide or targeted high risk areas.  The training, which can be delivered in a cost effective way, is informative, fun, yet highly effective in improving both fraud prevention skills and fraud detection capabilities. 

Ethics Training:  Ethics training, while part of an effective anti-fraud program, is also essential for those in high risk areas, management, those targeted for management and those areas with minimal oversight.  An informative and interactive half-day program is available to stimulate ethical discussions, identify ethical issues and provide tools for resolving ethical dilemmas.  Specifically tailored programs can also be provided. 


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